Bespoke Monitoring Solutions.

Active Monitor provides comprehensive performance monitoring and alerting for networks, systems and applications.

Active Monitor combines datacentre-based data storage and visualisation with on premise data capture via a dedicated remote collector appliance.

The Remote Collector polls all configured devices using multiple available methods, both network based (SNMP, IPMI, ssh, http etc.) as well as a lightweight monitor agent that can be installed on servers to provide log parsing, performance metrics, bespoke script monitors. Almost any metric can be collected and turned into useful threshold alerting and visual performance or support dashboards.

  • Dedicated performance dashboards
  • Secure customer portal
  • Historic data retention
  • Threshold alerting and ticket trouble creation
  • Custom monitoring scripts for bespoke application monitoring
  • Small dedicated low power appliance with secure connectivity to datacentre

Active Monitor is well established in nearly 500 remote sites, providing details on Sites and services, SQL replication, user counts, server performance, daily processing tasks and many more metrics.

Pro-active monitoring ensures that potential issues with performance and capacity are dealt with before they become an outage or crisis.

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