Fully Managed IT Infrastructure

Fully Managed Hosted Desktop Solution

ActiveOffice is a highly secure delivered or Virtual Desktop solution from Fultura Limited. The new version 2.0 infrastructure consists of a resilient cloud hosted platform that provides secure access to your corporate applications and services from anywhere, on any device.

Office productivity applications and mail are standard within the solution. Line of business and bespoke applications are hosted on dedicated virtual servers and delivered via ActiveOffice to any device.

The solution is powered through the Parallels RAS desktop delivery system.

Parallels RAS Clients provide a high-performance, intuitive, and productive user experience on any device, including HTML5 browser, iOS, and Android, with a local-like experience regardless of the device, location, and connection.


Reduce Costs
Increase Productivity
Flexible Working
Enhanced Security
Disaster Recovery as standard

Why Fultura ActiveOffice


Fultura partner with Check Point Technologies, the world leader in Cyber Security to provide the highest level of enterprise network security. ActiveOffice extends the enterprise class security to both the cloud infrastructure at the heart of ActiveOffice and your local and branch offices, wherever they are.

External access from any device is standard utilising high grade encrypted connectivity along with two factor authentication for ultimate security.

All roaming devices, whether they are laptops or phones/tablets will have next generation threat prevention included and any corporate data will rest encrypted on those devices.


ActiveOffice primary site is hosted in the Jersey Telecom datacentre at First Tower Lane. This highly available ISO 27001 accredited datacentre provides full power and communications redundancy with a stated 100% up time.

All customer servers in this environment are replicated in near real time to our standby centre hosted at our Network Operations Centre (NOC) in Pitronnerie Road. This allows almost instant failover to the NOC site, where we also have a 25 seat Disaster recovery suite complete with telephony ready for clients to decamp to in the event of failure or disaster at their office site.

In addition, all servers are backed up to independent storage at agreed intervals (normally daily).


Fultura aspire to provide maximum performance for client applications. Our hosted environment will always remain configured to allow N+1 hosting servers, ensuring no reduction in performance should a hosting server fail.

Performance monitoring is configured for each individual client, allowing them access to a dashboard showing their environment’s performance in terms of CPU/Memory and disk input/output and (where applicable) application performance metrics defined as part of the service.

Expert Fast Support

Fultura operate a Network Operation Centre from our Pitronnerie site. This is the heart of our support operation and has a video wall of dashboards reflecting our clients’ systems and performance.

The NOC is manned by technical staff and consultants who are able to fix most calls for support at the point of call, no queues and no waiting for call backs.

Dedicated Network Operations Centre

Our Network Operations Centre is the hub of our Helpdesk and Performance Monitoring services. ActiveMonitor utilises standard and bespoke monitoring systems to benchmark and report on virtually any desired performance metric, be it network, server or application related.

The NOC team are there to respond not only to helpdesk calls, but also alerts raised from the monitoring solution. The monitoring tools can also auto respond to certain alerts and fix the issues before they can affect client workloads.

24 x 7 Monitoring

The NOC is currently manned during working hours 08:30 to 17:30. We do have a 24×7 on call capability and, of course, our pro-active monitoring solution (ActiveMonitor) operates 24 x 7 providing advance alerts of many issues allowing remediation before anything becomes service affecting.



ActiveOffice provides two basic type of desktop using the Parallels RAS infrastructure

Delivered Desktop
Virtual Desktop

It is also possible to publish applications on their own to existing local desktops as a bespoke service.

Delivered Desktop

This is the standard method of desktop delivery used as it utilises shared memory and CPU to make more efficient use of server resources.

Virtual Desktop (VDI)

This provides a dedicated Windows 10 virtual system for each user. This can be on a 1:1 basis or by utilising a shared pool of desktops launched on demand. Individual user customisations and data connections are added on login.


Nearly all businesses will have one or more line of business applications, whether this is simply an accounting package, bespoke database functionality or specialised industry specific application. Fultura would provide dedicated virtual systems for these applications and are able to allow third party support providers access to these systems to provide direct client support where needed.


Fultura operate a multi-layer firewall infrastructure ensuring that the perimeter and Data networks have two layers of separation and logging. Client office networks have a small business firewall installed which has the same functionality as the enterprise systems providing:- Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, Ant-Virus, Ant-Bot, Application control and Web filtering.


Having fast access to data is an essential component of any IT Solution. The ActiveOffice storage options include solid state storage for databases and disk intensive applications as well as fast SAS disk storage for standard data and application storage.


Fultura offer Network Operations Centre based support to clients based on fixed Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) on response times and time to fix. 24 x 7 support is available as an option.

Data Management

Your data needs to be secure and available. ActiveOffice provides the option of at-rest data encryption as well as real time replication to our Disaster Recovery site. In addition, all data is backed up to dedicated storage at agreed intervals with scheduled data integrity and restore check.

Free Trial

ActiveOffice is available on a free trial basis. Fultura provide access to a delivered or virtual desktop including mail and office productivity suites for a 30-day trial period. The desktops are available on any device from anywhere using our Parallels RAS infrastructure. The free trial includes full Network Operations Centre support.


A service that offers clients a bespoke monitoring solution


A flexible contract approach to supporting your organisation


Enterprise class Cyber-Security as a fully managed service for any size of business


For customers that require a fully managed IT infrastructure