The Fultura
Community Project

Fultura are pleased to invite applications from Charities, Not for Profit Organisations and Community based Clubs & Societies for their Community Project.

What is it?

Fultura are offering to support an IT infrastructure project for an eligible organisation. This could be any I.T. based project such as:

  • Public or private fully secured and protected Wi-Fi network
  • Hosted Managed Desktops / Centralised server
  • Secure Remote Worker connectivity
  • Managed Cyber Security

As an example, one of our previous community projects involved donating all the IT equipment and services required to design and set up the Wi-Fi for an internet café for a local charity.


The project must be based in Guernsey, for a local non-commercial organisation, whose aims are to improve some aspect of Guernsey life. It is preferable, but not essential that the applicant is registered either with the Guernsey Registry as a charity or “not for profit” or with the Association of Guernsey Charities.

How to Apply

You can apply online here. Tell us a little about your organisation, give us an overview of your project and let us know why we should choose your entry.

Before you apply make sure…

  • You’re a registered charity in Guernsey
  • You require at least one of Fultura’s services
  • You are comfortable appearing in local media
  • You agree with the Terms & Conditions

Entry Date Closes 30th June 2019

Winners Announced 15th July 2019

Terms & Conditions

Fultura will work with the successful applicant to design and implement a solution within the value allowed. The applicant must be prepared to appear in publicity materials and have their name and nature of the project published in media releases.

For 100% funding the project must fall within the area of expertise of Fultura, namely Cyber Security, networking, WiFi, and computer Infrastructure. Funding will be subject to the scope and design of the project.


A service that offers clients a bespoke monitoring solution


A flexible contract approach to supporting your organisation


Enterprise class Cyber-Security as a fully managed service for any size of business


For customers that require a fully managed IT infrastructure