Cyber Security for GFSC Licencees

The new GFSC Cyber Security Rules and Guidance, 2021, have now come into force, effectively making Directors responsible for Licencees’ IT security arrangements.
Subject to transitional provisions, regulated entities must be able to prove that these Rules have been considered and implemented in accordance with the nature of their business. This means appropriate policies, procedures and controls to mitigate the risks posed by cyber security events. At a minimum, this will involve:-

• Appropriate cyber security software and hardware
• Ensuring updates are implemented promptly
• Staff training
• Appropriate written Cyber Security policies
• Periodic reviews to ensure continued compliance

Fultura can help meet the deadline for compliance by conducting a comprehensive gap analysis and producing a bespoke report with recommendations as to what steps are needed. If required, we can then implement ActiveGuard, our fully managed Cyber-Security framework, and our cyber security experts are then able to support in areas of threat prevention, threat detection and remediation.

This means that your networks, servers and connected devices will be secured from both known and emerging threats from malware, crypto–theft and viruses. State of the art software and hardware will be deployed, continuously updated and monitored by our team from the Fultura on-island Network Operation Centre (NOC). ActiveGuard is based on the industry leading Check Point Infinity concept, and comes with all the protection, documentation and reporting that you require.

When it comes to Cyber Security, ActiveGuard ticks all the boxes.

Contact us now for a security audit to ensure your business can meet the new requirements in good time. Email or call us on 01481 710047.

More information on the new guidance can be found at: