Financial Sector Warned Of Phishing Scam

Financial Sector Warned Of Phishing Scam 

Guernsey Police are asking those licensed by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission to be wary of emails from accounts ending with “”.

Officers say these are not legitimate email addresses and any real correspondence will come from accounts ending with “”.

Islanders are asked to stay careful online, never open links in unexpected emails or those that don’t look legitimate, and always check the sender’s email address.

According to the UK Government, 80% of cyber attacks could be prevented if organisations put simple cyber security controls in place. As attacks become more prevalent, so also does the need to protect personal information against data breaches under GDPR. There is increased pressure for businesses and users to understand Cyber Security threats, to help mitigate risk.

This course will identify these security controls and provide a framework to determine your own cyber security approach.

The session will cover likely current threats and how to recognise them:

• Cyber Security Jargon Buster

• Public WiFi Security

• Social engineering attacks

• Phishing attacks

• Ransom attacks

• Common Threats

This half day session will suit all business professionals and end users, particularly users in regulated sectors. All users should have an awareness of Cyber Security concepts.

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