GFSC Cyber Threat Protection

ActiveGuard the tailor made solution

Fully managed Cyber-Security framework

Fultura Active Guard is a fully managed Cyber-Security framework, based on the industry leading Check Point
Infinity concept.

This means that your computers and servers will be secured from both known and emerging threats from malware,
crypto–theft and viruses. State of the art software and hardware will be deployed, continuously updated and
monitored by a team of experts from the Fultura on-island Network Operation Centre (NOC).

What does in consist of?

Active Guard customers will get the benefit of Enterprise class products and services for a monthly fee per user.

Requirements deadline by 9th August Active Guard
2.1: Risk Assessment of Cyber Vulnerabilities and risk
3.1: Protecting IT Services
4.1: Detecting Cyber Security events
1. Technical controls
Network monitoring tools
Vulnerability management
Patch management
Two factor authentication (2FA) Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)
Email protection tools (Phishing)
Mobile Device Management
Data loss Prevention tools
2. people Controls
User/staff training
Phishing testing
5.1: Responding to Cyber Security events
6.1: Recovery from a Cyber Security events
7.1: Notification to the Commission


A service that offers clients a bespoke monitoring solution


A flexible contract approach to supporting your organisation


Enterprise class Cyber-Security as a fully managed service for any size of business


For customers that require a fully managed IT infrastructure